Wednesday, October 31

Happy Halloween?

Happy Halloween? Here in storm-wrecked New York, it's hard to imagine the little ones getting dressed up tonight. This is the first Halloween I've lived in New York in a house, with a gate, a stoop, a buzzer, and have kids as neighbors, so I guess we'll see. I wrote the rest of this post last week:

I think I re-post this photo every Halloween: Author and trickster Phillip Lopate shows off his favorite costume for spooking Carroll Gardens trick-or-treaters. Phillip, whose home I visited a few years ago, is famous for his wonderful essays—Publishers Weekly recently named his 1986 piece "Against Joie de Vivre" one of the 10 best essays since 1950. But among the knee-high set brave enough to knock on his door, he's Crazy Scary Knife Man. Boo!

Tuesday, October 30

Hurricane Sandy

A note: I wrote all of this week's posts last week, the ones about Philip & Nathalie's place. None of them mention the hurricane, which devastated the East Coast last night. The degree of damage is shocking, though I was lucky. No power outage, no limbs down, concrete bunnies still sitting on the ledge in the garden. 

My heart goes out to New Yorkers today, and everyone on the East Coast who is less fortunate. ❤ I can't stop listening to Brian Lehrer's coverage on WNYC. You can listen online if you're not in the area to tune in to New York Pubic Radio on 93.9 FM. Take care! 

Pretty orange nursery

I never would've thought of orange for a nursery, not that I think of nursery design, ever ever, but I love this baby's room. Orange is so pretty with the pastels, and it gives the room a warm glow. (Notice that even the edge of the door is painted orange—nice detail.) 

Anyway, cute fuzzy blobby figures dance from a mobile at the window and are very pleasant to stare at and beyond. Keeping in the (mostly) no-faces tradition on Homebodies, here's Dad and Baby underneath a Dali, real or fake, who knows; a portrait of the family is reflected in a historic New York Times framed near the kitchen: "MEN WALK ON MOON, Astronauts Land On A Plain After Steering Past Crater."

Monday, October 29

Patterns of behavior

Look familiar? A pattern has emerged: visit good friends Philip & Nathalie up in Cold Spring, crash in the bunk beds, sleep near a glass of water on the floor, post my photos months later. While looking back at earlier blog entries about their place, I realized that Philip & Nathalie have been featured way more than anyone else on Homebodies! I hadn't noticed, but I'm totally not surprised. 

Remember when Philip gave us that great tour of the apartment a while ago? This time, he gestured toward some updates since my last visit. Highlights: the great long table in the dining room/hangout space; the corner niche, detailed by him and his architect/writer friend Thomas de Monchaux (don't ask how long it took for them to painstakingly choose nailhead designs and decide on spacing); the built-in bench behind the long table, also built by him and de Monchaux. The biggest change since my last visit: stacks of colorful baby clothes