Friday, July 27

Visits, visits, visits...

Don't be fooled by my infrequent posts as of late; I've been working on the other side of things: visiting homes! I'm currently visiting my mom in Michigan, and she has a dial-up internet connection and I have no patience, so I'm largely offline, if you can imagine such a thing. Yesterday I spent the afternoon in my late father's toolshed in a hundred-year-old building, taking close-ups of the antique vice and his collection of ear muffs and my mom's collection of powered and manual saws. We make things. I'm also cooking up a plan to covert the other half of the toolshed into a sort of reading room or lounge, whatever. More on this later, because I have loads of pictures. 

Meanwhile, check out a mix of photos from recent visits. I played a keyboard (above); I got the back story on his boa (below, as are the rest); I danced; I met my friends' baby; I showed up early and admired the building's steps from an iron bench. I can't wait to post more.

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