Thursday, May 17

Who are you

Who are you? I am deliriously busy. And I've been working on a story on this artist, so I'll reveal her and post more pics next week when the story's up.

Who's going to Design Week? The Cooper-Hewitt has the amazing new informational site, By the way, Kurt Andersen is funny about the over-propped house, and I've always had a thing for benches.

UPDATE 5/27/12: Subject revealed! This is at the home of Shantell Martin, whose room I wrote about in a cover story for the Home section of The New York Times


  1. Deliriously busy, that's me too.
    So much fun, so much work. Getting lots of work from literary agency (representing Swedish writers abroad) and have been doing a lot of translation jobs in between shooting weddings and working on my art photography and going to balls (!) and whatnot.

  2. Hi, Maria-Therese! Sounds like you have a lot of great stuff happening--exciting! Thanks for filling me in. Your site is looking great. xx