Tuesday, May 22

Blue-grey walls

This is a photo from my friend Kevin's old place in L.A. I always loved the color of the blue-grey walls--grey changes so much throughout day, depending on light, and you can see it here from the pale blue near the window to the cooler shade on the right.

A slouched torso of a pillow.

I recently removed all the bookshelves on my walls that were secured with brackets I drilled into metal studs under the conflicting guidance of four employees at Ace Hardware across the street. (A metaphoric life lesson: No one knows the best way to drill into a wall, and you don't know what's on the other side until you do.)  I've been wondering--god, I hope I don't take this on--about painting a wall either a dark blue, like Wayman did (that's Benjamin Moore's Abyss), or something light like this grey. Complicated, I think, and not only in terms of the sophisticated color scheme. Wish me luck?

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