Thursday, January 5

Figment & a fur

Book party! As I mentioned earlier, Young Adult author Adele Griffin was hosting this event at her home for another YA author, Blake Nelson, whose novel Dream School was published by Figment in early December. Guests flooded the townhouse, while Edith, above, on all fours, stood guard of the desserts, as well as her buddy Blake, who was giving a toast. That's Adele, below left, with her friend, author Courtney Sheinmel.

Also below: A photo of the tops of people's heads, because I don't like posting faces without approval (plus, so many cocktails napkins and hors d'oeuvres and open mouths!); A. N. Devers in her famous fur coat once owned by Edward Gorey; one of many foursomes; "Hold still, Rob Spillman, I'm zooming to get a close-up of your flowers;" men and women alike, we all tried on that Gorey coat; we emptied the hot toddies, too; gift bags, yesss; a goodbye from the street.

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