Sunday, April 24

W. 10th St.

Late afternoon yesterday during that beautiful hour when it stopped raining and the sun came out and the birds started chirping, I left a travel-writers' happy hour in the West Village with Rolf and David and Jessie, among others, and accompanied them to another travel-writing soiree on a roof deck on West 10th Street. The host was busy with guests, so I didn't ask to do Homebodies--I'll just leave names and people off this post. Also, I didn't feel like working! Because look at the view! I took my white wine and cheese cubes and hung out near the edge, looking out and over and down. Is that a hot pink track suit? Later, a guy walked by with very bright white shoes.
There was a very elegant man in a tweed jacket and a fuzzy beige beret, and I followed his lead by chucking olive pits onto the moss-covered soil in these planters.
I stayed so late! I ate so many cheese cubes! Travel writers have quite good stories.

Wednesday, April 6

Hot-pink pump -- so you don't back into it

I love this picture. I can't quite remember what's going on here, but that's my uncle explaining to my mother why his daughter, my cousin Andrea, came home to her house one day to find the pump painted a shocking shade of neon pink. "So you won't back into it when you're pulling out of your driveway! You'll be able to see it!" my uncle explained to her, when she called him to ask how the hell her white pump ended up looking so ridiculous. He repainted it, but that neon is hard to conceal, so it's sort of a pale pink, as you can barely see here. That stick he's holding is the color he'd chosen for the eye-catching makeover. Oh, my god.

I miss Homebodies, too...

Greetings! I see I haven't posted in *one month*! So sorry. I miss Homebodies, too, and hanging out on Sundays with strangers, like I did with Mario, above. But there's good news! I'm less than three months away from finishing grad school, and I'll be back regularly when I'm done in June.

I'll be giving a lecture during the final residency, as part of my requirements for graduation, and I think I'm doing it on interior spaces in literature -- what they convey beyond setting. I'm working on an outline now...

More to come soon, here, I hope, but for now I wanted to drop in and say hello. Thanks for reading Homebodies!