Thursday, December 29

Nana's new dining room

Here's my 89-year-old grandmother modeling her dining room. And my sister's coat. Beautiful family, no? The new wallpaper is nice, too. Roses, she insisted, for here, and the hall and the kitchen and all the upstairs bedrooms...

I should add that she considered a shoe change, but I was impatient and didn't want to make it a whole thing.

Photos of the Brooklyn book party coming tomorrow!


  1. I keep revisiting this picture of your grandmother. She's so radiant. Peace, love, and happiness.

    I would have honored her request to change shoes. She was right about that. I noticed them before reading your text and thought: they're not right.

  2. Ha, thank you, Scott! She *is* radiant! I was afraid a shoe-change would've lost the moment. I know she looks it, but she's not a pro, you know. ;) Thanks for reading!

  3. LOVE every bit of this. Nana is Gorgeous!!!!

  4. It's true! Thanks, Victoria and Maria-Therese. :)