Monday, November 7

Back online!

At long last, I'm back online! My internet was hooked up on Friday, and I've been as pictured above without the Bloody Marys for the last couple of days. I'm a bit out of sorts still, with AirPort not functioning, and files split between an old and a new computer...Anyway, here's what I'm looking forward to this week:

Checking out Work, the Tom Sachs show that just opened.
The nendo opening at Friedman Benda Tuesday night (where I'm meeting Sarah, whose desk I'm at in this photo).
A Sight Unseen party celebrating the launch of its online store on Thursday. Congrats, Jill and Monica!
Finding some homebodies to hang out with...

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  1. Such an interesting blog you have! It's always a curious thing to peek into the homes and lives of those we admire.