Thursday, October 13

Details. Hands, fingers.

Well. I talked to Kevin Ink this morning, whose former apartment in LA I've been writing about this week, and I am shocked to report--and relieved with the news--that Kevin is healing miraculously after a very serious car accident he suffered more than a year ago that nearly destroyed his right hand. Actually, the accident did destroy his hand; doctors put it back together so beautifully that Kevin says he feels like now he's someone else's work of art: full use of fingers, movement, feeling. He's getting there. He's recuperating with family in New York, and he just emailed me a gorgeous photo of a mobile he's making that requires fine handiwork and miniscule ties--a Murano glass fly is suspended from the work with a human hair.

By the way, you can see Kevin's work in Ellen DeGeneres's house in this month's Architectural Digest. I think it's one of his mobiles, and I don't think there's a pic of it online. Page 146. 

I had collected these images for a post that would show how detailed his work is. I remember one of his mobiles was held together with string, and I'd never seen so many perfectly uniform knots. Some of his mobiles feature straight pins that secure botanical pods. I always loved these, the combination of metal and found objects from nature. Kevin says when he woke up and saw his hand in a contraption with all those pins, "It was like something I would've made!" Needless to say, he's in great spirits, which, he says, is the only way to be.

Appreciate your hands today, and your life, OK? Some mobiles and sculptures and things, mostly around the bedroom...  

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