Friday, January 7

A tour from Abraham Lincoln

So as I was saying in my last post, I went to visit the home of authors David Farley and Jessie Sholl last weekend. When we came inside from the roof, their dog, Abraham Lincoln, above, met me at the door to begin the tour. The three live on the top floor of this walkup in the West Village. The double-story entrance features a skylight over the loft, where they moved their bed to make a nest-like sleeping area. According to Abraham, this was the most efficient plan, because now they have an extra room in the back that doubles as an office or as a private space for guests. Directly under the loft, below, is the living room, which leads to the kitchen. 
Jessie, above, is standing in the doorway to the kitchen, telling me how they arranged the bookshelves next to her to prominently feature books by her and her husband, below. Jessie's book, Dirty Secret, is a memoir about her mother's hoarding. Jessie--neat, clean, organized Jessie--is definitely not a hoarder.
Abraham Lincoln lounges on the sofa next to an Egyptian trinket--I think it's an Egyptian trinket--he was given by his travel-writing pops, David. They might actually be related, something about the ears.
Above, Abe's bed. Farley's shoes. (We all just call him Farley. I can't believe I'm doing this first-name thing, "David.") Below, the entry. The loft is above. Get it? And the last pic was taken on the sofa, kickin it with Jessie and Farley, who's drinking coffee in a mug featuring George Bush with devil horns. Next: upstairs...


  1. I also remember that great "House Hunters" episode with Abraham where he express his displeasure with house #2 by defecating in the foyer. Good stuff.

  2. Thanks, Matt! I think I missed that episode.