Wednesday, December 8

Retractable maps, travel-writing awards, Kurt Vonnegut

Above, writer Rolf Potts at his desk: a typical early morning on the prairie. He hates those glasses he's wearing, but we all have our dorky home personas, no? I skipped the opportunity to help out with morning chores. I think I'm not so into goats. I am ridiculous with envy over those built-in bookcases that Rolf's brother-in-law built. They're huge and wrap around the corner! Below, a cozy reading area that glows in the morning light. And that's a retractable map used as a shade over the window. Oddly, I was just searching eBay for one similar. It's all about old-school Nystrom

Below, family photos, the Potts family history, and Kurt Vonnegut's butthole signature. A wall of medals and Best-American-Travel-Writing honors. 
Books. Cowboy hat. Rolf's jump rope.

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