Monday, October 25

Sunday morning with Bruce Driscoll

Such a pleasure it was yesterday visiting my musician-songwriter-producer friend Bruce Driscoll on the Upper East Side. I think I've known Bruce now for almost ten years—we have mutual friends in Michigan, where we're from—and I still see him as an adorable teenager in a very fine suit at a wedding in Los Angeles where we first met. He has the same contagious smile, the same fifth-Beatle vibe. Now, he's making music with more than a handful of bands (more on this later), getting songs placed in national ads (more later on this, too), and he just returned from Canada, where he was on tour with Isobel Campbell (formerly of Belle & Sebastian) and Mark Lanegan. When I arrived at his place at 11:30 am, he'd been working since 8, possessed to write something inspired by "Help Me, Rhonda," the song he woke up humming.

This week I'll post pics of Bruce's apartment and all its guitars-and-gear glory, but first, perhaps you'd like to hear some of his music? To start: Sleepy Rebels, Blondire, The King of Nowhere. And this video, filmed on set in Romania for a music video, cracks me up. It's an impromptu duet between him and one of the actors, and it's the Bruciest. More soon...

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