Friday, September 3

Shannon's kitchen

Happy Friday! I'm ready to start posting a new place, but I'm going to wait until Monday or Tuesday so I can post photos all week. In New York, it seems like everyone's left town to enjoy the long weekend--or escape the torrents of Hurricane Earl

Earlier this week I (re)posted pics of my friend Jessica's place, because it makes me so happy to look at them. I feel the same about Shannon Kim's kitchen! Shannon and Jessica were two of my first Homebodies, and they let me trial-and-error all over their homes. These pictures of Shannon's kitchen were some of the first ones I took that felt right for Homebodies. See many, many more pics of this adorable apartment here.

Update: Hairstylist Shannon hasn't just moved from this West Hollywood abode, but she also switched salons. She is now practicing her fabulousness at Art Luna, and I highly recommend sitting in her chair. If you're not in the Santa Monica neighborhood, at least follow her awesome new blog: Radiant Beauty.

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