Thursday, April 8

I've moved!

I'm interrupting the tour of the Pres.'s house to update you with a few things: 1. I've moved! 2. I started working at WNYC public radio! 3. I had a big deadline for school and got sick, all while moving and new-jobbing! Are these good-enough reasons for my absence? Sorry! Oh, and 4. I haven't set up internet yet in my new apartment, but huge thanks to Jimmy Krackorn for the open network. The computer with all my Homebodies files can't connect to it. Anyway...

I have a slew of photos from my old King Street apartment, but I never posted many of them to Homebodies. Maybe I will, now that I've left. I couldn't get enough distance from it to write about. So until I do, a few things of note: The bathroom, below, is what I called "regular-house sized." It was HUGE. And covered from floor to ceiling with subway tile. I miss it.

Above, my bedroom-slash-office looked out onto the many lush gardens tended by the residents of the Charlton Street brownstones--and by that I mean they were tended by hired help. They're single-family dwellings, with awesome wallpaper, I might add, and the real-estate agent kept telling his clients that Aaron Burr, the third V.P. of the U.S., used to live in this area. Those houses, said the agent, over and over, sell for upwards of ten million. Ten mil! This homebody has been living on the wrong side of the pergola.

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