Monday, March 15

Kat's Lovely Living Room

The leather-topped desk in the living room used to be Kat's grandmother's. Kat says she always used to write with an ink pen, and you can still see ink blotches on the leather--and a cigarette burn. Below, a wider view of the living room. Kat says the arches throughout the place are what sold her on the place. "They feel familiar."

Below, the sofa, with a swatch of fabric that never ended up covering a pillow. "I ditched the idea." View into the kitchen, to the left of the entry, then to the right...

Kat loves candles. There are candles everywhere. "If there were no electric lights in the world I'd be in heaven. "I love cooking by candle light - and I'm no cook so there are probably a few people out there who'd encourage me to throw more light on the subject - but kitchen lights are harsh. Candles add sensuality to everything." Also below are the essential oils she sells. I like the little brown bottles, so medicinal, I'm healed just looking at them.

"Peter Beard - that came from an exhibit of his i saw with an ex on a trip to Paris in '99 - the Y2K moment that never happened. have to admit i was slightly disappointed by the lack of chaos."

Kat's cat, Tabitha, on her desk, "smelling freedom."

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  1. I love this apartment. That swatch is gorgeous, it should certainly cover a cushion somewhere, sometime! And I wish my grandmother had left me a writing desk! Great post Liz! xx