Friday, January 29

Hemingway's Bedroom

Last month for the holidays, I met my family in Miami. We took a trip down to Key West, where Ernest Hemingway once lived. His house is now a museum filled with tourists wearing sun visors, Hawaiian-print shirts and cameras around their necks (including me). And it's crawling with descendants of the author's six-toed cats, like the one napping above on Papa Hemingway's pillow.

I have photos of many of the rooms, so I'll post them this week, but I wanted to start with the bedroom, because I loved the story about the bed. Hemingway had a thing for Spanish antiques, and fine furniture in general, so when he couldn't find a bed big enough to comfortably fit his brawny bod and his wife (this was before the rage of the king-size bed), he bought two twin mattresses and used as a gate from a Spanish monastery as a headboard. Below, pics of the gate (painting above by Henry Faulkner), the bedroom, and views from the veranda...


  1. i had an 18 year old employee who's (elderly) parents had been friends with Hemingway back in the day. she was non plussed. i was in awe.

  2. I would feel so, so, so weird knowing people walked around my house after I'd died.

    Except I probably wouldn't know so I wouldn't care, but I care NOW and since I also know that I will become extremely famous and interesting to posterity, I'd better make some sort of will stating this must not happen.

    Uh, I meant to say,
    nice photos! nice room. Cute cat. *tries really hard to stop thinking about death and people snooping around my place*

    ♥ Maria-Thérèse

  3. Sarah, I'd be in awe, too! Get some stories!

    Maria-Therese, I hear you... Thanks for stopping by! xx Liz

  4. Its funny when I picture Papa writer's bed I imagine some sort of spring loaded system underneath to keep it from collapsing when landed on it after a hard day of drinking whiskey and catching fish with his bare hands... or whatever it is he did. I certainly didn't expect to see the lily white linens. But hey, he's Papa, he could do whatever the hell he wanted!

  5. What a treat! Those windows..that headboard!!

  6. Boomka, that's funny. I wonder if they dressed the bed differently? Abby, I you ideas, doesn't it?