Sunday, January 31

Hemingway was a Cat Lady

Hemingway was sort of a cat lady. At his home in Key West, he lived with a few dozen cats, including some polydactyls--ones with extra toes. Hemingway was given a polydactyl, or mitten cat, by a ship's captain. It was said to bring good luck. Perhaps it did, but it also brought polydactyl descendants, and today, about half of the 60 cats on the property have this genetic trait. Visit The Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum's cat page for an informative Q&A, and for headshots of the kitties, many of which were named for writers and celebrities.

Above, a cat on cool tiles...below, me with a cat. Cats, cats, cats... Cat on Hemingway's bed...

Some cat decor (See? Cat Lady!). The embroidered curtains depict cats and plants.

The cats retreat to cat houses all over the property. In the back, behind the gift shop, I stumbled upon this multi-family residence, a very good replica of the Hemingway house. It has screen doors. Below, another cat house in the garden, along the trails.

A polydactyl. And my favorite, the impressions of polydactyl paw prints along the concrete.


  1. I will never look at him the same way anymore.

    Looove the cat in the first pic, the little curled up, soft one!

  2. I didn't know there was a name for these cats... I find them so endearing, with their useless, furry little thumbs.

    I love the second photo, look at those tiles!

  3. I love the tiles, too! I'm so glad Homebodies can be a science lesson. :)