Friday, October 16

Geraniums on MacDougal

Sorry I've been MIA! I wish I could say I've been going for long strolls in the neighborhood and gazing up at flower boxes like these, but I've been holed up writing and schooling for days. I'm also working on some very cool posts that are going up soon, but I wanted to share these pictures of my favorite flowers in Soho. They're in every window of an old Federalist-style building on MacDougal near King Street, where I live, and I LOVE walking by them. In real life, I stand on the sidewalk centered between the windows and stare up. Geraniums are a shocking contrast to the sky. They're so saturated with color, and I'm always amazed at how dense and bright they are.

Who lives here? I might have to slip a note of appreciation under the front door.

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