Friday, October 23

Cruise Cabin: Desk, Shower, Toilet Paper (Under!)

The desk is perfectly functional, as are the closets. There are no photos the closets because they are a mess. Spoiler: They have clothes in them. But they are quite spacious. The shelf above my desk is home to snacks and laundry accouterments.

The bathroom features a sink, toilet and shower. Compared to the relatively large size of the cabin itself, the bathroom is entirely too small.

Don't get me wrong—I appreciate that there is a bathroom at all, but I am a mere 5'4" tall and 135 pounds, and the shower can barely contain me.

I could not take a satisfactory photo of the shower because there is just not enough room from any angle to do so. But if you want to know how I feel when I bathe, go stand in your smallest closet and try to move around. Fortunately, for me, my tears get washed away with the water.

Oh, and of course the toilet paper is "under"

…though my room steward Bernadette (whose name tag, for reasons still unknown, says "Marie") insists on repositioning it every morning.


  1. Hrm...that would get to me, the changing of the TP.

    Cute stuff on the backsplash of your desk!

  2. I think we can all learn from small spaces – especially if we live in New York or London (me).... x