Monday, September 7

Kim Surowicz, Point Pleasant Beach

Last weekend I took the train to Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, to visit my friend Kim Surowicz. Her family has owned this house for years. And her parents have had that sofa above for longer than they've been married!

Kim and I met almost ten years ago when everyone we knew--except for me--was working as some kind of assistant at Universal Studios. Since then, Kim has worked on tons of movies you've probably seen: The Interpreter. The Rundown. The Departed. (I got to go with her to that wrap party at Barolo in Soho. The most interesting person in attendance was not the dapper DiCaprio, but Marty Scorsese's tough-talkin' Teamsters driver. I was sworn to secrecy in the corner by the meatballs.) Oh, Kim was also an associate producer on Dito Montiel's Fighting. Last but not least, she produced the heck out of my move from Los Angeles to New York, providing me with a central Manhattan shipping destination and accommodations hookups while I was in town interviewing. If you don't have a producer-friend, I highly suggest you get one.

So anyway, here are just a few pictures of my visit. The place is really cute. It's got three bedrooms, it's a block from Jenkinson's Boardwalk, it's down the street from Broadway Bar & Grill, and it's next to the amazing Muellers Bakery. The place is famous for crumb cake but had me at bear claws. And it's for rent every summer! You can rent it or one like it from Kim, who's becoming the area's star rental realtor on her off-movie days. Of course! Because producers do everything better than the rest of us.

I was sitting on the floor of the living room when I looked up and saw this lamp, below, that hangs above the dining table. That cord against the ceiling reminded me of a lamp my grandparents had in their beachy house on Lake Michigan. I love it.

This is the coffee table. It's made from all sorts of reclaimed wood, and those washed-out colors seem perfect for a beach house. Those are the remote controls. I don't own a TV and don't know how to interpret these sticks, so when Kim went to bed early one night I pushed all the buttons possible trying to find Saturday Night Live after we watched a movie on one of those fancy TiVo/DVR situations...

Kim hates the bathroom wallpaper, so I only took this corner shot. But it's awesome! Or it's so bad it's good, I don't know. It's sea green and kinda mirrored. There's a pattern of plants. That's the living room in the background. Shades closed, rainy day.

...Guest room, Kim's room, beachy decor...

Bakery in the background, bear claw in the foreground.
The way it should be.

The beach...

Kim's keys. If Kim had a symbol, which I guess she does, it would be a flip-flop.


  1. Interesting! I used to live in Manasquan, just 2 towns over. I've enjoyed many a good time at the Jersey shore. And you've reminded me that somewhere I have a photo with a friend that was taken on the Pt. Pleasant boardwalk.