Monday, August 24

UPDATE on Matt; Notes to Self

I saw Matt Cohen this past the weekend, Matt of under-not-over fame and the subject of the previous post (one of my most-read, by the way: So many of you commented, Facebooked, emailed, texted and called, mostly to say that you're an over person and that Matt is wrong). Halfway through a pitcher of poor man's sangria and the DVRed debut of Hoarders, Matt brought up the under thing again and made a graceful gesture as if he was going for the roll of paper, under style. "It's about the reach," he said. "Over is so...[barbaric pawing gesture]...and under is so...[balletic extension of upward-facing palm]."

OK, that's a valid point. Come to think of it, I hate that pawing pat you have to do to get the paper to roll down, when it's over style.

he finished. "I mean, at least have some decorum."

In unrelated news, I'm dog sitting for my upstairs neighbor, and no one has ever asked me to care for an animal before. I was afraid I'd get sucked into routine and forget about my boy Biggs, so I taped a note to the bare wall above my desk.

On one of our first walks (photo at the top of this post), Biggs dragged me straight to the neighborhood pet store I never knew was there. And then he shouldered his way into the Room, a local bar, just as it opened (below). He knows people here, apparently. He seems to know more people in the neighborhood than I do.

I'm finishing up some work for school (and dog-walking every few hours) but hope to update Homebodies soon!

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