Monday, August 17

Preview: Kevin, Los Angeles

The other day I got a call from my friend Kevin, an artist in L.A., who informed me he's picked up and moved to Sag Harbor for a bit, and would I like to pop over for a visit? Yes! He's one of those freakishly talented and endlessly entertaining people, so of course I can't wait to go see him. He's working on a Japanese garden for some clients there, and maybe they'll let me Homebodies the design. Until then, and until I get his approval to post the rest of the photos of his home in L.A., here's a preview of some of his works. I love the photos of his place so much, I feel like I'm saving them. Why am I hoarding?! Here, I'll share:

Woven-brass lighting fixtures... figure in a terrarium... dangling porcelain legs and found natural objects (and, now that I'm looking closely, some great molding)...

...more soon...


  1. The woven brass light fixtures are so cool!

  2. Hi, Cottage Cheese! I know, I love those...I have more pics of them. I'll let you know when they go up. :)