Wednesday, August 19

Catherine's jewelry

Back to Catherine Chung, the jewelry designer I've been writing about recently... Here are some photos of her designs, which she sells under the name Whitestreet. She's inspired by natural objects, as you can tell, and birds. The necklace of pearls and sapphires she's unclasping above (so I can try it on), was influenced by a crane. Isn't it gorgeous? It's heavy, too! Here's a closeup, below.

Stacks of molds and casts...a pile of tiny links on the worktable...necklaces hanging on a wall near sketches of the designs...

Catherine is mildly obsessed with drawers, and she has a number of case goods with drawers and pull-out jewelry trays. "I spend all day going like this," she told me, opening and closing drawers, pretending to look for something. Some hold tools and home stuff. Many of them, like the ones below, contain gems and jewelry.

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