Sunday, July 5

Preview: Catherine Chung

Last weekend I visited with Catherine, a fine artist and jeweler who lives in the historic South Street Seaport district in downtown Manhattan. Her jewelry line is called Whitestreet. We hung out in her beautiful apartment underneath colorful chandeliers she made, and she told me stories about her flocking obsession (those chandeliers) and her airbrushing phase. I'm looking over the photos I took, and I can't wait to post them all. Here are a couple:

Catherine makes jewelry at a long table in the middle of the room. Above it, pairs of earrings dangle from elaborate, low-hanging chandeliers. Sketches of works are scattered around. In the kitchen, a mint-green birdcage, complete with a live-looking bird, sits on the back burners. I love the cheery yellow countertops.

More of Catherine to come soon. But first, I'll post Colin's photos of his own apartment.

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