Friday, July 17

Shannon's teacups

I'm thinking of my dear friend Shannon today, because I owe her a return phone call, and I need a haircut (she is my irreplaceable stylist in Los Angeles). Above are teacups in her kitchen. They were gifts from friends...

Below: that was a good cup of coffee. I remember it. I wish we could have tea or coffee right now! In other news, I made an ad with a photo from Seamus Mullen's place and advertised on the gorgeous blog The English Muse. Check it out!


  1. i love those teacups... i really love the yellow one.

  2. What a great blog! I would love to add one another as followers. Just let me know OR add me and I will then add you! Just our trying to network with other creative souls, artists, and designers!

  3. I need that yellow teacup for my last blog post - it's perfect - Look!