Friday, July 31

Kids' Rooms and Snowmen

The younger Egilsson children like to draw on their bedroom windows. The snow and big sky make a perfect backdrop. Next winter, I'm going to draw snowmen on my windows, too. I wonder what kind of marker or pen they used?

Snowman Lesson: I just met History of the Snowman author Bob Eckstein at a library party. His business card says "Snowman Expert." Now I'm Googling snowmen. Look at this photo of snowmen at the Japan Snow Festival in Sapporo! So cute. I just learned that in Asia, they're typically built with two spheres, which I think I like better.

Emotionally raw stuffed animal at dusk.

Maybe it's the abundance of snowmen and stuffed animals, but suddenly alarm clocks look anthropomorphic, too.

That view!


  1. The snowmen on the windows are great! We don't get much snow in my region. Perhaps I'll draw leaves to go on the big bare Maple trees in my front yard ;)

  2. Are that snowmen photo real? Do people ever turn them horizontally in order to makes tushes?
    So many questions...

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