Tuesday, July 7

Colin Clark, Park Slope, II

As promised, here are some photos of Colin Clark's apartment as seen through the eyes and lens of a professional: Colin Clark. I love them! I also love how much light his apartment gets during the day. This shot of the bicycle is one of my favorites.

The living-and-dining area...and Eva, the cat.
Belts and jeans on a valet chair. I've always wanted one of these, particularly the midcentury design by Hans Wegner. A beautiful excuse to not hang up your clothes.

Dining area. I'm really digging the Hitchcock chairs and am thinking I need to visit Mario's mom, too.

Assemblage of boy stuff: Planes, postcards, Hispano-Suiza. A Helmut Newton autobiography.

The shade of this desk lamp echoes the shape of the table! Maybe they're cousins.

Taken from a window during an afternoon downpour...

And this gorgeous one below was taken from the stoop of Colin's building. If you live in New York, you will recognize it as the recent evening when the sky was a like a pastel watercolor.


  1. Lovely! It's so simple and interesting...he's got a lot of stuf lying around, but it never looks cluttered.

  2. woohoo prospect heights! Represent!
    That sky was SO amazing, I stood outside for the entire time taking photos.