Tuesday, March 31

Seamus Mullen, Williamsburg

Reasons you want to visit Seamus Mullen: 1. It’s spacious and he collects cool stuff. 2. He’s the chef and co-owner at Boqueria, so if you’re lucky he might cook for you (at the very least, he pulls a mean Stumptown Hair Bender espresso). 3. Bright-blue size 7 roller skates were left by some girl after a party, and they glide easily over 1,548 square feet of hardwood floors. 4. Seamus is quite the entertainer on his ukulele.

Seamus and I were introduced when his friend Bob told me his buddy “Papi Chulo High Class” has a sweet loft I should check out. When we all met up on a recent Sunday night, Papi Chulo H.C. was coming from the Chelsea antiques market and had bought some Chinese propaganda posters. He was still thinking about a gigantic four-foot-long pipe wrench he didn’t purchase but maybe should have. That night I learned that Seamus—Papi Chulo—grew up in Vermont; is fluent in Spanish, having studied in Caceres, Spain; and later cooked in San Sebastian and Barcelona. He has crazy travel stories about organs (his own and the edible ones) and loves his grandmothers more than anything in the world. Both of them, Meme and Mutti, taught him how to cook.

By the end of the night, we’d split iPhone earbuds and were singing "This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)" by the Talking Heads. How appropriate for Homebodies, with its "Home" chorus?

I went to visit Seamus too early one morning soon thereafter. He’d had a big night out at an event with the prince of Spain. High class! Famous Seamus. "Sexiest Chef of NYC" Seamus.

So what's in the chef's kitchen? After a few laps around the pad, I stopped to take some pics...

A row of meat grinders. A scale and Mel Bay's book of ukulele chords on the island's marble countertop, which came from a deli in Brownsville, Brooklyn. A hanging basket of accidentally dried-up tomatillos. A ladder to nowhere. A rice container holding various spoons--his utensil of choice for "emphasizing a point," as he told the New York Times Diner's Journal in a great Q & A (his mother even commented). An awesome sink and faucet from IKEA. That's Seamus making espresso at the Francis Francis. Classic early '60s Pavoni. And his typical breakfast: yogurt and berries, with coffee.

Next to the Traulsen refrigerator is a chopping block. A butcher chart hangs above. The toy horse is a gift from Bob, and Seamus put a string of lights in its belly, so its middle chakras glow.
I highly suggest checking out Seamus's other habitats--the Boqueria restaurants in Chelsea and Soho. It's all about the brand new Sunday-night Domingo Familiar dinner. Says the chef, "$35 gets you Anchovy and Frisee Salad, Bev Eggleston's Suckling Pig, dessert and wine or sangria...can't beat that with a stick."

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I just found out about Seamus on the WebMD RAtv. I also suffer from R.A. and find that cooking is one of my therapies. I love good food and even better when I can make it as healthy as possible.

    Thanks Again!